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Lynden St. Victor
MIXED MEDIA Acrylic, Ink & Oil on canvas
30 x 50 in

New Brow

It's time to reclaim Faith. I'm tired of the prevailing assumption that faith is the copyright of religion, regarding their adherents as the Faithful and those of us who reject a formal, pre-scientific structure to our beliefs and experiences as Ye of little Faith. People have mistaken hope for faith. They are not similar.

Faith is not the wish of better things to come in the future. Hope is. Faith is not the blind or unchallenged acceptance of the irrational. Ignorance is.

Faith is the focused energy of manifestation in the here and now. It does not require an archetype to grant prayerful wishes in exchange for servitude. It does not require a church or organization to act on your behalf as mediator between you and the Divine Presence. Faith is self-activated and uniquely manifested for each individual.

Faith does not require us to neglect our intellect by challenging us to have the faith of a child. It is little wonder that theological dogma is supportive of this verse just look at what a child will believe in: Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Boogey Man - the holy trinity of behavioral control mechanisms. (One who sees us when we're sleeping, knows if we've been bad or good and pays out accordingly. One who rewards our suffering and one who's gonna getcha if you don't do as you're told). It's drilled into us very early on and accepted without challenge. Ah, the faith of a child.

Contrarily, faith requires we understand the properties of the universe. It is the science of personal energy mated with the mechanics of consciousness.

I continually hear people tell me that God always answers prayer it just may not be the answer that we want because we are creatures of instant gratification. And God answers every prayer in one of 3 ways: Yes, No, or Not Now. Duh. A doorknob answers prayer in exactly the same way. So does a stick of gum and the pizza delivery boy.

Others have told me that prayer works they are living proof of continuously answered prayer. Now THAT I believe, because I too have experienced it. But it's because they pray differently than those who pray with the mindset of Yes, No, Not Now or with the faith of a child. They pray with the mindset that God helps those who help themselves and that prayer in the form of faith, not hope or ignorance, is a form of manifestation. This, however is not isolated to one particular religion and its god or gods, nor is it contrary to the laws of quantum physics. These same results of manifestation are also achieved through many other forms of focused faith energy meditative manifestation, magick, etc. And in secular terms the power of positive thinking, visualization and affirmation, universal law of intent, law of universal returns etc. teach exactly the same principle within the structure of the individual discipline or custom.

A very important point is to be made here it is not the work of an object, icon, idol or archetype that grants the desire. It is the focused desire itself that manifests as part of universal energy. The object, icon or archetype merely give us a focus point upon which to aim the energy they in themselves have no power.

In this painting, I try to show that Faith is a reverent, yet cosmological force. It is not owned or defined by any one person, religion, or culture. The water represents that element that makes up most of our physical structure and that it is an energy fed from each individual into the whole of the cosmos and back again with her shoes representing "water pumps". (I know, groan).
The nest of eggs symbolizes the seeds of inspiration and desire that will be nurtured and manifested or hatched as they are carried to term in the belly of Faith.
Her black top is symbolic of dark energy which has absolutely nothing to do with good or evil, but is what 90% of the universe consists of - non-matter which carries the most powerful energy in the cosmos.

Once we learn that it is within our power to manifest and bring about positive change, it becomes and exponential process as wisdom builds upon experience these are the seeds of evolution. Use them for the benefit of humanity, thus benefiting the planet, thus benefiting Divinity. --Lynden St. Victor

Originals and multiple limited edition options by Lynden St. Victor represented year round exclusively at Lynden's home gallery, POP Gallery in Santa Fe, NM.

POP Collectors receive special pre-publication pricing and special offers with every purchase. Inquire directly about multiple options available on paper & canvas in standard and mural sizes, personalizations and commission opportunities by Lynden St. Victor directly with POP Gallery at 505.820.0788.

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