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Lynden St. Victor
Love, 2010
MIXED MEDIA Acrylic, ink & oil on canvas

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God is LOVE-so it's been said. It's also been analyzed that if A equals B, then B equals A. So if God is Love-then Love is God. "Whoa, hold your horses", says my former evangelical minister. "When its says God is Love, it actually means God embodies Love , not that love and God are the same." UH-HUH. Evangelical ministers have god's very ear. They would KNOW. I find it amusing to watch the apologetic armament arise against such a claim that God IS Love, not merely the embodiment of it. No one knows who, whom or what "God " is, much less the mindset and timeless purpose of God. "God", like Yaweh, Allah, Zeus, Ahura Mazda and a pantheon of others through the ages is merely a name given to a force we've all experienced a thousand different ways, yet been at a loss to accurately describe because of the limitations of both language and wisdom.A horse can no more describe to another horse what it is to be human than one human can explain to another human what it is to be God. "God" is a name to identify that which cannot be identified. We associate it with forces of creation, of existent beauty and eternal glory-something we'd gladly die for.
Love by the same measure is also a force. An unexplainably powerful force that tames the beast and empowers the meek, breaks the soul and heals a nation, inspires quantum leaps of creativity and drives us to obsessive madness. Something we'd gladly die for...I ask you to consider the possibility, and a very real possibility according to the Unified Field Theory, that all that has been, is and will be is the manifesting result of a single magnificent force known by as many names as emotions we simple humans can experience. God, Love, Fear, is all an aspect of one single force with what we call Love being the feeling we experience when we are most deeply aligned with that force and Fear being the feeling of our distancing from that force. A single force that we are the very cells of. We are but a microcosm of one force and when we are the most aligned -we see that we are Love. God is Love and Love is God. And if A equals B, and B equals A. We are all one force. You, Me The Earth , the Milky Way, the universe, the multiverse...God? Hmmm, it is possible, you know.

In this painting I try to encapsulate the many elements we associate with the force of Love. From the light and dark aspects of it all-the great storm cloud behind her pouring forth the rainbow (passion) to the regeneration of life through the fertility (rabbit ears) and seduction (subtle right hand placement). from the great loyalty signified in the Borzoi to the idea of all things united as one force in the messenger from above (raven) tying it all together in the evolving shape of the heart.

Originals and multiple limited edition options by Lynden St. Victor represented year round exclusively at Lynden's home gallery, POP Gallery in Santa Fe, NM.

POP Collectors receive special pre-publication pricing and special offers with every purchase. Inquire directly about multiple options available on paper & canvas in standard and mural sizes, personalizations and commission opportunities by Lynden St. Victor directly with POP Gallery at 505.820.0788.

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