Lynden St. Victor
Lynden St. Victoris a rarity among acclaimed artists- he never studied art. In keeping with a New Year's resolution to expand his horizons, Saint Victor dipped into his first oil paints on January 1, 2002 and began to make pictures that speak volumes. In 2003, the first formal presentation of his work resulted in a sold out show, including thirty-five additional Paint to Order originals, media coverage, multiple gallery offers and a publishing contract.

St. Victor's works have a uniquely definitive look and feel. Masterfully melding the real and surreal, his bold and beautiful characters grace the walls of some of the worlds most majestic estates as well as the humble abodes of those who have likewise been moved by the brooding sensuality of these works of art, each a virtual novel unto itself. Lynden is also an internationally syndicated cartoonist under another name. His daily comic panel, Pardon My Planet, is published by King Features Syndicate and distributed to over 150 daily newspapers throughout the United States and Canada.

Lynden St. Victor-His words:
"No biography is complete without the little things that help describe who we are from a personality standpoint so here goes:

First and foremost, I'm a study rat. I bury myself in information and learning. My focus of study is in the sciences, specifically physics, cosmology and archeology (syro-palestinian). Another major field is world religions with particular focus on the Abrahamic book religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) with an emphasis on contextual study. I also am focusing on Buddhism, Neo-Pagan and Native American traditions and the Mystery Religions of the Greeks and Persians. And finally - I am fascinated by ancient mythology and its indelible influence upon today's religions. Special focus is on the mythologies of the Egyptians, Babylonians, Mesapotamians, Sumerians, Persians, Greeks, Romans and Hebrews.

Now for some lighter fare:
Favorite color is dark emerald green, it brings me down into the earth. Favorite food is Thai, lobster and BBQ. Favorite authors: Ken Wilber (A Brief History of Everything), Brian Green (The Elegant Universe), Eckart Tolle (The Power of Now, A New Earth), David Sedaris (Barrel Fever, Naked).
Five all-time favorite movies:
1. This Is Spinal Tap
2. Moulin Rouge
3. Schindlers List
4. Gladiator
5. Taras Bulba

Favorite Comedians: Eddie Izzard, Bill Maher, Dennis Miller. Favorite Musicians: Loreena McKennitt, Live, Keith Urban, Lifehouse, Sarah Brightman, Vega4, Green Day, Buzzjoy, Rob Thomas.

TV Shows Currently Watching: Big Love, The L Word, Weeds, Californication, Inside the NFL

Pet Peeves: People chomping popcorn in a movie theater, traffic, itching

I'm a soccer fanatic and practice yoga out of physical necessity.
The amazing Lisa Lynn and I have been married since 1994 and have many, many animal children...we are animal rescue activists.

There, that should be enough for now.

I had a wonderful childhood. I grew up in a Southern Baptist household with two incredibly loving, patient and supportive parents, a younger brother and a younger sister. I even attended for a number of years, the infamous Academy at Bob Jones University, which alternately filled my head with a very suspect education in religion and science, as well as a great love of the arts, classical music and theater, and of course, soccer. I enjoyed my years there and I feel it played a positive role in my early development.

Skipping through to more influential stuff - in 1991 I co-opened a series of athletic clubs in San Diego which grew to national prominence in the early and mid 1990's. As designated "marketing director" I chose to use cartoons as a way to uniquely market the clubs and set out to find a local cartoonist to handle the bi-weekly task. Finding none to suit, I was challenged by my partners to give it a shot myself. I studied such classics as Herman, Bizarro and The Far Side and was able to develop a rather crude, but silly style and sense of the absurd. When Gary Larson retired The Far Side in 1995, I was encouraged by my wife, family and gym members to submit to the syndicates. To make a rather unusual scenario short - I was syndicated by King Features in 1996 and am still writing and drawing Pardon My Planet every single day for around 150 papers internationally.

The Painting

Back in 2002, I started to get this irresistible urge to start messing around with paint. I found motivation in a new sofa set as we'd wanted an original piece of art to go with it, yet the art that was affordable we didn't like, and naturally, the art we liked wasn't affordable - so, once again I chose to try it myself.

I began to study a few favorite artists like pre-raphelite John Waterhouse and contemporary masters like Mark Ryden and Joe Sorren. Eventually I developed my own style and began to get some recognition. However, I felt this much deeper urge, this feeling that I was being groomed to do something important, but for what, I had no idea.

Not long after, I began to go through the very frightening and painful process of evolving beyond my theological tradition. It was this journey, and the experience that led me to my mission. Now, having lived through the proverbial dark night of the soul - and come to the realization that what I used to believe was the be all to end all when it came to God and the hereafter - was only a tiny microcosm of a much bigger and much more magnificent
consciousness. The stories comes to me first through experience and research, then I let the vision of the image come to me somehow . . . I take notes. Then I paint it.

Lynden St. Victor-My Philosophy:
My philosophy has evolved considerably and particularly from my strong background in Christian fundamentalism when viewed against the backdrop of my personal spiritual transformation .

I believe that everyone is where they are supposed to be spiritually. Evolution is a process of growing in stages and I don't think it is possible to leap frog certain key stages of spiritual experience and epiphany and understand it. For example: One of the prominent testimonial types within the Christian tradition is that of the person who was a drunk, a drug user, a thief, a liar, a wife beater etc. etc who had thoughts of suicide and so forth. It goes on to say how Jesus (or any other archetype depending on the sect) came into their life and gave them hope and completely changed their lives around and now they have something to live for.

These results are real and they are frequent within all fundamentalist circles. It is because fundamentalism is a stage up from the lost and flailing stage prior. Fundamentalism is extemely important to these people because it gives them absolutes. It takes away choices and lays down very threatening consequences for their actions and very positive reinforcements for adherence to an unchallengeable doctrine. These people NEED this kind of formulation or they risk falling back into their previous patterns. We find that when this security system is threatened, either through scientific evidence, rational thought or other religious doctrines (even within Christianity itself), they become aggressive and potentially violent because it threatens the egos desperate need to survive. This is true of all fundamentalist sects - not just Christianity.

There comes a time when the spirit is ready to evolve that we subconsciously take the blinders off and pay some heed to that small still voice of intuition and begin the challenging process of shedding the old skin and evolving a much shinier coat that can only been seen in its greatest light with the eyes of experience. I have come to believe that this is a very, very, very long journey and that we are living eternity in the here and now.

The Mission-
I believe our mission on earth is to evolve - into what exactly, I have no idea. And I also believe that the road to expedite this mission is to live this current life with two main goals - and these have become my mantra (with a shout out to the amazing Bishop John Shelby Spong), "To live wide-eyed in the Mystery of Life and Dare to Love Wastefully".-LSV

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