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Lynden St. Victor
Isis Rising
MIXED MEDIA Acrylic, Ink & Oil on Canvas

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Isis Rising is the flip side, the duality, of an earlier painting Waiting For Mr Right. WFMR portrays a woman who is solely defined by a man-a woman incapable of self -realization and personal growth outside of co-dependancy. Isis Rising is the antithesis. it represents the dawning of a new era of spiritual evolution of the new sensory impulse, that of intuition and unity.

The Ankh represents eternal life and the roses as exhaust from the transport vehicle of the Goddess represents the blossoming of our spirit nature through numerous incarnations. The suitcase is symbolic of the karmic luggage we carry with us and add to during our spiritual quest as an evolving consciousness through incarnated experiences. The stone pillars are from the Temple of Isis. The four freckles represent the elements earth, water, air and fire. The Star of Isis (sirius) is greatly beloved because its appearance announced the Inundation of the Nile which betokened renewed wealth and prosperity. This is represented in the tile floor where we see the water bearer pouring into the soil giving rise to the vine and grape harvest in the coin machine. In the Wedding of Isis/Demeter (Creatix of the Nile Flood/grain) to Osiris/Dionysis (God of Wine) we see the ancient miracle of Dionysis changing water into wine.

Originals and multiple limited edition options by Lynden St. Victor represented year round exclusively at Lynden's home gallery, POP Gallery in Santa Fe, NM.

POP Collectors receive special pre-publication pricing and special offers with every purchase. Inquire directly about multiple options available on paper & canvas in standard and mural sizes, personalizations and commission opportunities by Lynden St. Victor directly with POP Gallery at 505.820.0788.

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