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Sophia  Torres
Chomp , 2023
MIXED MEDIA one of a kind sculpture, on wooden & branch base
5 x 15 x 5 in


Sophia Torres was born in the small, forest-adjacent town of Cordova, New Mexico. Her craft is one influenced heavily by her childhood: she focuses on ceramic dolls. As a young child, she preferred playing with self-made clay figures rather than store-bought trinkets. The detailed toys and figurines on display in this exhibition encompass both her youth and her adulthood; an element of playful whimsy juxtaposes with an eerie expressiveness. Showcasing deeply visceral imagery, the art that Sophia Torres creates is intent on capturing the fundamental human truths that tend to hold people back: anger, fear, sadness. By shrinking these larger-than-life feelings into objects that fit into a palm, she illustrates their immateriality. Her work strives towards understanding, meditativeness, and nostalgia. One sculpture series, Mean Muggin', portrays taunting visages on a wheel-thrown cup. An evolution of this series, Noods, depicts similar faces but with added bodily features. They are created using hand-building techniques. Finally, the lesser-known but most intricate and detailed of Sophia’s creations are the Demonios Internos: inner demons. These dolls are articulated using the same stringing techniques as antique Japanese Ichimatsu Gofun dolls.

While ceramics are certainly her focus, she stresses the importance of being well-rounded as an artist and creator. Her work with metal, prints, painting, woodworking, and other artforms have heavily informed the sculptural niche she currently occupies. Moving forward, Torres hopes to show that dolls are more than just untouchable antiques; they can be breathtaking vessels of expression and emotion.

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