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Corinne  Geertsen
Lazy River
DIGITAL PHOTO COLLAGE limited edition in 2 sizes (framed)
25 x 31 x 1 in


"I began with a small section of a landscape painting by Alexandre Calame from about 1830. I painted a broad, slow river with reflections in the foreground and golden haze in the background. I grew up on the Missouri River in Montana. I love a beautiful river.

Then I floated teacups sitting in inner tubes down the river. The right front teacup belonged to my great-great grandmother. The back left teacup is from the Rijksmuseum, from about 1760.

I have 980 photos of bears. I like an opportunity to use a bear. I wanted the picture to have a storybook quality. We all grew up with stories with bears in them. I went with bears.

It was Camp Build-a-Bear at my house. Thanks to many bears who posed for my photos over the years, I can use an assortment of bear bits and bear pieces to make just the bear I want.

To keep the picture from being too sweet, I floated a young woman dressed for a pastoral festival down the river. She's vulnerable, but is also a challenge. Her eyes are locked with the front bear's. I'm sure she can hold her own while floating downriver with bears in fragile teacups.

I chose the title "Lazy River". It’s a lazy river kind of picture, but the title is ironic because of the wariness between the two front characters and what might happen.

I flew a magpie across the picture and added dragonflies over the water to make the river more alive, and also to add a triangle to the composition.

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