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Corinne  Geertsen
DIGITAL PHOTO COLLAGE Limited edition in 2 sizes (framed)
31 x 25 x 1 in


Here's "Fledgling". His pose is awkward like a fledgling, yet graceful. His arms are poised for take-off. His combed-back hair looks like many a bird's.

This nest blew down in our yard during a windstorm. It had been abandoned earlier by birds I had enjoyed. It was nice to use their nest here.

I took multiple pictures of the nest, selected each one in each photo, then combined them into a master nest, and placed it here.

(I keep the nest on an antique saucer given to me by a dear friend, on the shelf above where I work. For good juju.)

I like that he dressed up for his first flight. I would do that too.

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