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Corinne  Geertsen
There Are Two Kinds Of Porcupines
DIGITAL PHOTO COLLAGE Limited edition in 2 sizes
25 x 31 in


"I love it when people say “There are two kinds of people”. This phrase is followed by a statement describing what differentiates the two types. For example, "There are two types of porcupines in the world: those who ride tricycles wearing roller skates and those who read and drink tea." My attention perks up whenever someone talks about two types. It’s revealing.

My porcupine model for this picture is a Minnesota porcupine named Dirk. He’s like the porcupine on the tricycle. He’s naughty. You shouldn’t visit him wearing red shoes. I chose primary schoolyard colors for this picture - red, blue and green – because the thinking behind the phrase is simplistic. Also because I don’t think Dirk will make it out of grade school. All this begs the question: Which kind of porcupine are you?"-CG

Corinne Geertsen's images are quirky visual narratives about psychological predicaments. They pull a lot of subconscious strings. The pictures are photo composites, printed with archival ink on archival photo paper in small editions. She works from my expanding library of over 20,000 images. Often she will paint something, photograph it and add it in digitally.
The pictures lean toward surrealism, as they have odd juxtapositions, non sequiturs, and an element of surprise. Geertsen's intent is to psychologically engage and delight. She sees a lot of humor and psychology in the nature of life and both inform her pictures.
The characters are usually Geertsen's family ancestors. "I'm on a constant photographic scavenger hunt, outfitting them with backdrops, sidekicks and belongings" she says. She gravitates towards pictorial elements that are symbolically loaded. Symbolism brings in associations particular to the psychology of the person viewing the picture. The pictures are completed when seen.

Corinne Geertsen is represented exclusively in Santa Fe at POP Gallery. Contact us directly for availability and pricing at 505.820.0788 or email

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