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Don Schooler
Dan Dare: "This looks like the end..."
MIXED MEDIA orignal acrylic, ink & resin on repurposed cigar box
5 x 6 x 4 in

Pop Modernism

Dan Dare is a British science fiction comic hero, created by illustrator Frank Hampson who also wrote the first stories.[2] Dare appeared in the Eagle comic story Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future from 1950 to 1967 (and subsequently in reprints), and dramatised seven times a week on Radio Luxembourg (1951–1956).

The stories were set in the late 1990s, but the dialogue and manner of the characters is reminiscent of British war films of the 1950s. Dan Dare has been described as "Biggles in Space" and as the British equivalent of Buck Rogers. Dan Dare was distinguished by its long, complex storylines, snappy dialogue and meticulously illustrated comic-strip artwork by Hampson and other artists, including Harold Johns, Don Harley, Bruce Cornwell, Greta Tomlinson, Frank Bellamy, and Keith Watson.

Dan Dare returned in new strips in 2000 AD in 1977 until 1979 and in the relaunched Eagle in 1982 until 1994. The most recent mainstream story was a Dan Dare mini-series published by Virgin Comics in 2007 and 2008. It was written by Garth Ennis and illustrated by Gary Erskine and is a completely new and somewhat darker interpretation of Dan Dare. Since October 2003, however, Dare's adventures have also continued in Spaceship Away, a mail-order magazine created by Rod Barzilay. Its mission statement is to continue the original Dare's adventures where the original Eagle left off, in a style as close to that of the classic strip as possible. To that end, Barzilay originally hired former Eagle artist Keith Watson, and following Watson's death Don Harley, both of whom had drawn Dare in the 1960s, to work on the strips which are written very much in the style of the Fifties stories.

Don Schooler pays homage to the strip with his own take on favorite panels creating nostalgic original art mounted to repurposed cigar boxes. These functional art pieces can hang or sit nicely, and each comes with a Dan Dare comic liner and info sheet. They'll make a great gift for that special someone!

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