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 DKLA Design
Luminous Lobo
MIXED MEDIA upcycled car hoods with glass eyes, painted
86 x 78 x 43 in


Our latest car hood critter, “Luminous Lobo” @popgallery505 in downtown Santa Fe. One of the things I love about making these pieces is how improvisatory the process is. Once the form of the wolf is defined the car hood panels go on one by one in a very spontaneous manner, each piece finding its place and helping define the spirit and expression of the sculpture. It is a lot of fun to be in the moment all the way through.-Don Kennell

“Why so big? That’s just the nature of the situation. The script is flipped and dominion is questionable. Luckily the characters are approachable, even inviting. Do you dare?

We love what we do. We love the animals and the natural environments that inspire our artworks. We love connecting with the communities where our sculptures are located. And we love bringing something of beauty into the world that resonates with the viewer. As a company, our mission is to activate public space while bringing nature into human consciousness."
-Don Kennell

Pop Gallery is pleased to represent DKLA Designs in Santa Fe, NM. We work with designers and private collectors on commission and personal projects, for indoor or outdoor use. Direct inquiries to or by phone to 505.820.0788.

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