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Brandon Maldonado
MIXED MEDIA original on panel, ornate pewter frame
25.5 x 37 in


Throughout the course of humanity art has been used to inform civilizations, functioning as a powerful tool able to inform illiterate societies and express the problems and spirit of the times in which they were created with great success. In the post television and cinema world painting has taken a backseat and has been given more of a decorative function in contemporary culture. And its original function as an informer of civilizations seems to often be looked at as a bunk, outdated approach. for the past 50 years the mainstream art world has preferred non representational art over narrativity(the ability for the viewer to read the story through the picture without needing to read an essay first). With this in mind I pick up my paintbrushes with hopes that my art can serve as a vehicle for inspiration, consolation and peace for the viewer, in the way paintings of the past once did.

I find the slow process of making a painting in itself is a meditation so I choose subjects for my work that I want to contemplate with the goal of finding a deeper understanding. Whether its within the costume of death personified, the universal emotion of heartache or the color and textures of my beloved Mexico, the paintings serve as everything from visual affirmations of life’s joys and sorrows, to love letters to Mexico, to homages to historical events.

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