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Virginia  Lincoln
In Church
MIXED MEDIA assemblage of found objects in wooden box
11 x 8 x 2 in
No. A-2

Organ music fills the chapel as the parishoners file in. The birds ( Navajo silver and turquoise hairpin, African seedpod flamingo) and the beasts (one serious beckoning cat and a shrine fox from Japan) join our Lady of Fatma and a bronze Buddha. There is a shy Dog man in the corner. The blue Nerf bobblehead crowds the cat ....A monk passes the gate. Time stops. We toss coins into the collection box.

"Raised in the Southwest and having lived a number of years in Japan, I have had the opportunity to collect bits and pieces of culture not my own. My studio is filled with chest. The chests are filled with drawers, which are filled with intriguing, eclectic oddments. The objects in the drawers speak to me. The challenge is to get them out of the drawers to speak to someone else. I hope you are listening. XO"-VL

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