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Virginia  Lincoln
MIXED MEDIA assemblage of found objects in Royal Jamaica cigar box
18 x 11 x 2 in
No. A-1

Tibetan prayer flags back an eclectic collection of religious allusion (Virgin Mary), mysterious objects (antique Japanese keys, an old fish ok, forged tansu handles, African clay beads), and powerful magic from another place (bear claws, Tuareg silver, cello bridge). An assortment of bones (warthog, raccoon, chicken, horse, turtle) act as a reminder of the final journey that we will all take, but meanwhile, we have art and music and the abundance of nature. The feminine presides.

"Raised in the Southwest and having lived a number of years in Japan, I have had the opportunity to collect bits and pieces of culture not my own. My studio is filled with chest. The chests are filled with drawers, which are filled with intriguing, eclectic oddments. The objects in the drawers speak to me. The challenge is to get them out of the drawers to speak to someone else. I hope you are listening. XO"-VL

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