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Nigel Conway
King P
MIXED MEDIA original on panel
6 x 6 in


I’ve been a photographer most of my life. I started painting as an exercise in composition and color. I liked the idea of approaching image making in a new way and have been painting ever since.

The characters from this series are called “The Listeners”, everyday people we can all turn to. They are meant to convey empathy and are willing to share their wisdom and life experiences with others.

I’m working on plaster applied to gessoed panels. Once the plaster is dry and smooth I can use it as my canvas. I then use inks, oils, pastels…whatever comes to hand and works. Finally an archival enamel surface is added which completes the process.

“The thing about painting for me, the big deal about it, is that I feel compelled to do it every day and to new levels. There’s always something going on in my head, some non-sense up there that I am trying to achieve. So I am compelled to do it. If I let my head wrap around the task of painting, I wouldn’t have a painting out there. My head would have never given me permission to start being a painter in the first place” – Nigel Conway

Available for commissions. Contact us directly for a collector preview and for art/show details at 505.820.0788 or via email to Sharla

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