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Jeffrey Herrity
JH- Group II


We all have memories we can’t let go of, or spend years trying to recall or recreate. We think they are there, but like shadows on walls, they distort and their meanings shift. I don’t have many happy memories from my childhood, but I have vivid memories of the ceramic objects my mother would bring home after an outing doing ceramics, a hobby of hers. Every holiday our home was filled with beautifully glazed, but tragically whimsical objects, such as a three-foot white stoneware Christmas tree with plastic lights and enough ceramic pumpkins to fill a Halloween shop.

However, the objects most fascinating to me were the Easter decorations. We had a large collection of bunnies and eggs in all sizes and colors. I would seek them out year-round and play with them, creating sensational assemblages and narratives. I became devoted to these objects because they were an escape. Now, many years later, I am devoted to their memories.

When I learned that my mother was diagnosed in the end-stages of Alzheimers, I shifted my focus to re-creating haunting and fragile assemblages from molds similar to the ones my mom used. I set out to re-shape my fragmented memories to better understand them. Years ago, I was just a little boy devoted to the creations of my mother. Now I am an adult trying to remember and make meaning of the past. Contact POP Gallery with inquiries and availability at 505.820.0788 or

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