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Renee Lawter
We Met In The Solar Flowers
WATERCOLOR on paper in vintage frame
26 x 28 in


" Wandering thru the garden one sunny afternoon into the sunflower patch, Karma was
jumping high trying to grab herself a snack she lost track of what direction was home.
Worried and scared she sat down trying see if she could figure out the direction when
she was startled by a sound of crunching and cracking. A funny looking tippy toed
creature peaked out from behind the stalks. "The sunflower heads that have tipped to
the ground are browned and moldy & well I'm looking for ones i can eat. I can barely
reach the fresh ones above, would you mind climbing up on my back to get me some. "
Selfishly she forgot she was lost and climbed on his back just above the sight line.
Helping each other she forgot just how alone and scared she was and before she knew
it …she arrived home just as grandpa was calling her name for supper….”Karma!”-RL

Karma's Kreatures is a series of work that explores the connection between individual health and the global environment. Told through the eyes of a brave girl named Karma who is chronically ill & can see magnificent Kreatures making the world a healthier place. Karma's journey, is one of epic adventure, bravery and generosity.

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