Clifford Bailey (originals)
Clifford Nolan Bailey (born Miami 1969), graduated New York's School of Visual Arts (SVA) in 1991 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Now living in Los Angeles, he has gone on to develop an imaginative and highly individualized style of painting.

Bailey can trace the beginning of his artistic endeavors back to early childhood. With the help and encouragement of teachers and a supportive family, he found himself enrolled, and participating, in several South Florida programs for the gifted, until 1987, when he landed in New York City to begin his College training.

After graduating SVA in 1991, Bailey set his sights on Miami's exploding South Beach night scene, throwing "one-night only" exhibitions at bustling clubs and crowded pool halls, where he attracted the attention of dozens of local businesses and collectors who quickly snatched up his work, bringing him great exposure and promotion. To this day, Bailey remains a traveling artist, riding on the waves of his artwork to destinations all over the country.

He exhibits his work in galleries, nightclubs, boutiques, as well as several private homes in cities such as Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, Miami, New York and Los Angeles.

His paintings evoke the era and ambiance of the roaring twenties, but with a modern twist; from his portraits of musicians in fine-tailored suits to his sparse and dramatic street scenes, his work continues to be admired and acquired by collectors around the world, for more than 20 years now.

"I first saw Clifford Bailey's work in Miami...I liked 'em a lot, especially the ones of musicians. So, I bought it's the prominent painting in our house. He also painted our house...and cleaned my teeth. He's a full-service artist." -Dave Barry (pulitzer-prize winning author, humorist)

As he says himself, Music has always inspired me. When I see the faces of people under the spell of music, I have an urge to capture their expressions on canvas. There is an emotional intensity I find fascinating. And then there is the rhythm of painting itself, the way the brush slaps and strokes the canvas, the color combinations and shapes of compositions and form; it's all music to me. -Clifford Bailey

Howard Fishman Quote:
"Clifford Bailey's work is playful, intense, funny, twisted, easy to look at and hard to forget. His signature style is original and unique. When it comes to music painting, he has that rare ability to capture players and music in a way that can only spring from the soul of someone as passionate about music as his subjects. For me, his work is about feeling; it's a hysterical celebration of life and a subtle examination of human behavior, thought and action. It would be hard to look at a Clifford Bailey painting and not react to it. If great art is about communication, Clifford Bailey is, truly, a fantastic artist."
-Howard Fishman (Howard Fishman Quartet)

Of his style and influences, Bailey says, "I think there's a little bit of a showman in me that has some flamboyance. My influences? Schiele, Klimt, Toulouse Lautrec, Modigliani and then Mad magazine and Walt Disney mixed in. The list goes on and on. Even abstract artists like Franz Kline. He especially had a big effect on me with his use of black. And those early Japanese prints of warriors with grimacing faces -- that bass player I paint so often with that smile is my samurai warrior."

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