Chuck  Brenton
(b. 1987 Des Moines, Iowa)
Chuck Brenton's sculptural works explore the essence of wildness through a unique blend of pop-minimalism, spiritual abstraction, and ecological themes. Inspired by mountain environments and their diverse organisms, Brenton's use of innovative techniques and vibrant color create a futuristic aesthetic that captures interconnectivity and complexity in natural systems.

From Iowa, Brenton started taking art classes at Des Moines Art Center at age 6 where he was first influenced by modernist sculptors and color field painters. He graduated from Colorado State University in 2012 and studied Sculpture, Landscape Architecture, and Environmental Science. Chuck's technical knowledge is a result of the time he spent working for a fine art foundry between 2014-2019 and subsequently developed a proprietary color system for polished metal, concluding his hybridized style of painting and sculpture in 2021. He has shown in Denver, Santa Fe, and Des Moines. Brenton has been featured in Daria Art Magazine and has recently obtained multiple awards for his achievements in sculpture.

"The work at its core is an abstract meditation on wildness, not only in terms of forms and colors but conceptual complexity. I aim to depict the duality of nature in mountain ecosystems by using chaotic geometries and systematic minimalism, drawing inspiration from both the original structure of the habitats and the patterns of the organisms living within them. My work merges the material knowledge and simplicity of John McCracken, the spiritual investigations of Kandinsky, and the observational practice of Audubon.

My process begins with extensive research and fieldwork, studying feather plumage or the movement and behavior of specific species in the environment by way of journaling, drawing, and photography. The work is heavily influenced by wildlife biology and field ecology. For the landscape works I also incorporate data visualization techniques and technology, such as GPS collars and satellite imagery which inform final terrain features. I’m just as dependent on experiencing wild in my practice as I am obsessing over and honing new fabrication and painting techniques.

I use a proprietary polymer paint developed in close collaboration with a manufacturer specifically for adherence to polished metal. This slow-cure color system sits on top of the bronze surface beneath clear coat finishes in matte and gloss. The result is a complex surface quality that combines layers and visual texture, evoking a sense of intrigue and modernity.

The idea of surface and finish fascinates me, as I explore the ways in which our cultural obsession with perfection and shininess can both reveal and obscure deeper meanings. By deliberately playing with this concept, and challenging viewers to look beyond, I aim to draw attention to the intricate natural processes that are often overlooked or taken for granted. While a polished surface can embody the "finish fetish" aesthetic, emphasizing the reflective and tactile qualities of industrial materials, I disrupt this ideal by covering it up with paint or coatings, referencing the underlying natural phenomena that cannot always be scientifically recorded or seen with the naked eye. The reflectiveness of bronze in its original state further underscores this metaphor, highlighting the constant change and raw beauty of natural processes like light, weather, and geology.

Through a highly crafted methodology, my work seeks to evoke a sense of the future, entanglement, sacredness, and animism. By creating a space for wonder and contemplation, I aspire to nurture reciprocal relationships with the wild from which we arose."-CB

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