Tony Davis
From Ingot Silver, to 18K Gold, and Mixed Metals and stones … each piece is meticulously crafted using early Native American and Spanish Colonial style platters. A variety of old tools and implements, including an antique Spanish colonial anvil, canon balls from the Mexican Revolutionary period and old steel forms, combine to help create the unique effects of his art.

Tony Davis was nominated for the 2009 Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts and continues to create incredible work in silver, copper and with stone. Over the last few years he has been mining precious metals and stone in New Mexico and in September 2022 has made some amazing sculptural pieces available for the first time through POP gallery. This is a very special opportunity for collectors to add a unique piece of New Mexico artisan craft to their collection.

In a modern world etched with distant memory of the way things were done comes original work by Tony Davis. Miniature sculpture in silver--hand wrought from cold ingot. Many experts say it can't be done--Tony Davis listens to his heart and hands--it is done, beautifully. The eye of an engineer, the knowledge of a seasoned collector and the soul of an artist are reflected in every Tony Davis work of art. Always one of a kind---sculpture as adornment for the contemporary purveyor of the unique. Only on the market since 2004, Tony Davis works have become highly sought after by collectors world wide. They anticipate the latest edgy design--easily recognizable on the streets of Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York , Berlin ....and now Santa Fe. Tony Davis original sculpture in miniature is available only in Santa Fe at POP Gallery.

Tony Davis jewelry is in the private collections of some of the most high profile jewelry collectors in the world and sits in the company of Calder, Hererra & Spartling among others. Tony Davis jewelry (miniature sculpture) is prolific and destined to appreciate to levels perhaps unimaginable by today's standards in a world of mass production or design. From concept to creation Tony Davis jewelry is all his--an heirloom work of art in the making.

"After seeing Tony Davis' work at POP in Santa Fe I went home to Denver and put all my Tiffany jewelry away. Now ALL I wear is Tony Davis originals. " Jules- Denver, CO

"I am a regular at Santa Fe's Indian Market and this year I was surprised- no other shop carries modern & unique jewelry like you'll find at POP Gallery. I was astounded at the beauty and quality of Tony Davis' silver. I'll buy a piece every year!" LP-Tampa Bay, FL

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