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The graffiti-covered trains and alleyways of Las Vegas, Nevada, impacted my childhood, as did the untouchable masterworks found in museums and galleries. I am in awe of color, line, contrast, and the energy of the creation process. I attended the Las Vegas Academy of Art where I gained a foundation in art & design. After University and traveling abroad, I began my path as an artist exploring the relationships of duality, polarity & the balance between two opposites. I find stillness and peace creating art. Through art we find harmony in chaos, and perfection in randomness.

Spendlove invites you to join him on a journey of bold & playful art. In his work you will see a delicate balance of bold, vibrant hues contrasted by its opposite & the electric energy they create in proximity. Each piece will invite you in for a closer look and strike up the conversation. Using acrylic paints, patterning, and the balance of positive & negative space he creates a platform for engagement which brings a fun zen-like energy to any space.

Spendlove's Pop inspired paintings and sculpture featuring his latest creation, Naw.T.Kat are to be featured exclusively at POP Gallery in Santa Fe, NM for 2023. Contact us directly to be added to our speak preview list and to add this prolific artist to your collection at 505.820.0788 or email to Sharla@popsantafe.com.

2007 – Southern Utah University – Fine Art
2003 – Dixie State College – Fine & Digital Art
2000- Las Vegas Academy of Fine Art – Fine Arts Major

2023 | Featured Artist – Pop Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM
2023 | Featured Artist – "Blue a color story" MIXED, Rogers, AR
2023 | Featured Artist – Parallellll, Fayetteville, AR
2022 | Featured Artist – Theos Gallery Show, Rogers, AR
2022 | Featured Artist – Bitcoin 2022, Miami, FL
2019 | Featured Artist – Art San Diego, San Diego, CA
2018 | Featured Artist – Loveland Sculpture Invitational, Loveland, CO
2011 | Featured Artist – Art Around the Corner, Saint George, UT
2022 | Featured Artist – St George Art Festival, Saint George, UT
2001 | Regional – St. George Art Museum, Saint George, UT

2018 | Alcyone Ascending, Smith Plastic Surgery, Las Vegas, NV
2018 | Monumental, Zion Cottages, Zion, UT
2009 | Strength, Courage, Determination, DRMC, Saint George, UT
2005 | Poetry In Motion, Dolores Doré Eccles, Saint George, UT

2019 | Exhibition Finalist – Colors, Fusion Art – International Exhibition
2006 | 1st place – Sears Invitational, Saint George, Utah
2005 | 3rd place – Kudos International, International
2002 | Best In Show – Dixie Art In The Park, Saint George, Utah
2001 | Best In Show – Dixie Art In The Park, Saint George, Utah

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