Justin J. Britt
Was born in Santa Fe in the early 70’s and is as a 5th generation New Mexican. He became interested in the arts at an early age, through his exposure to painting and sculpture with artists at his family owned La Vereda compound.

Justin was gifted a Leica camera from his grandfather, Henry Joseph Guthmann, a local attorney for whom he was named. Shooting from the hip, he captured the raw essence of the unique characters, architecture, culture and landscape Santa Fe as the City Different offers the world.
Honing his craft, a 17 yr old Justin Britt won a best Photo award for a his depiction of the Shidoni sculpture garden. This exposure Inspired him to take his shooting to the next level & began a lifelong passion for the fine art of photography. Briefly trading the Santa Fe art world for life in California, gave Britt the opportunity to work professionally in the music industry and as an action sports photographer. On returning to Santa Fe Britt immersed himself back in the local art community and even owned and operated an emerging Canyon Road gallery. A self proclaimed Modern Day Cowboy, Britt’s work began to garner international acclaim by private, corporate & celebrity collectors worldwide, for a unique and powerful style. His work can now be found in the collections of Sublime, Greer Family, Steve Van Doren, and Bob Barbarus, to name a few.

Justin’s art is continuously evolving and is a deeply introspective process with a focus on movement and natural light. Justin employs his Leica with a 35mm lens and hand-held long exposure to transform his specialized technique of fluctuation, light and shadow into a dynamic, yet balanced composition. His post-production and composite work truly sets him apart as an artist on the cutting edge of his craft.

“My photographs are an exploration of where the reality of found places and objects meets my imagination. Much of my work is akin to a self-portrait, revealing my spirit and hopefully connecting with the viewer to have a visceral experience, remaining with them after they’ve moved on” .-JJB

Justin J. Britt is represented exclusively in Santa Fe, NM with POP Gallery. Direct inquiries to Sharla@popsantafe.com or by phone 505.820.0788.
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