Stephan Martiniere
Stephan Martiniere is a multi-international award winning artist. His body of work has come to be recognized by artists and designers across the globe. His work not only holds an astounding uniqueness of vision, but he has set the bar for digital painting as a whole. Embracing digital art since its very inception he became a pioneer of the medium.
In contrast to the dark chaotic post-apocalyptic interpretations of the future so often depicted in the contemporary art world, Martiniere’s beautifully rendered iconic paintings transcend traditional descriptions and bring a wondrous new vision to alternative worlds and futures with a stunning sense of scope, scale and detail. His immense landscapes demonstrate a unique painterly approach to the use of digital tools creating a visual richness that is both emotionally seductive and textually elaborate. Clearly drawing much of his inspiration from his background in classical arts and architecture, Martiniere’s “brilliantly structured, incredibly detailed, and awe inspiring, neo-classical landscapes defines a fresh visionary signature that is his alone.” (Lorne Manning, creator of Oddworld.)

A graduate of a prestigious art school in Paris, Martiniere’s thirty plus year career is impressive in its scope. His early career ranged from conceptual design work for everything from theme parks, television, and animation. His unique technique and vision have redefined these mediums and set new visual standards for the film, theme park, video games and the book covers industries. For the last two decades Martiniere has become one of the most accomplished digital concept artists of his generation utilizing digital art for such major motion pictures including Star Wars ep 2 and 3, I robot, Total Recall, The Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers age of Ultron. Martiniere has authored four art books, Quantum Dreams, Quantumscapes, Velocity and Trajectory which demonstrate the vast accomplishments of his career. Through his long standing relationship with Disney, he is an official Disney artist selling to collectors worldwide,. His most recent theme-park designs for Disney include The Pirates of the Caribbean and Avatar attractions in Disneyland Shanghai and Orlando. A recent transplant to Santa Fe, he lives here with his wife.

Realize, V. To make real; to convert from imaginary or fictitious into actual; to bring into concrete existence. This is the best word I can come up with to describe what Stephan Martiniere does. He is a bridge builder between the real world and the imagined. He realizes people, places and things that have only previously been understood and discussed precariously in abstract form...It’s a wonderful gift, this thing that he does so well; the first step in bringing fantastic worlds to life.” (Rand Miller, creator of Myst.)

Stephan Martiniere is represented exclusively in Santa Fe, NM at POP Gallery. Direct inquiries to or 505.820.0788.
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