Tammi Steele
b. 1964 - Huntington, Indiana
Artist statement: I paint from the inside out. Each idea, each thought chasing each other around and around without end until i must paint them., if only to still the voices for a moment. Birds flit about 14 - Huntington, Indiana realities, bringing truths and secrets back and forth across great chasms of forgotten things. Souls are bound by an interior web of emotions that manifest in odd projections about their heads, or even physical ties to...

And always the orbs, because my madness is circular...it comes back on itself. My process for each work takes months, with every figure telling me what they need. Many paintings will have thirty or more layers of a personality, they change. They speak to me in whispers ...madness. -TO

I paint in oil glazes because they convey a luminosity that I just can't get with other mediums. I need that special light effect because it's an integral part of what I want my work to convey...an inner world - maybe not seen clearly, but definitely felt.

At times, a person is so fraught with emotion that I think it should be a physical manifestation. Maybe a halo, maybe a tornado, or maybe just an interesting environment, but there's always something.

I feel that there's more to be seen in even the most ordinary of objects and people, perhaps something extraordinary, if I just take the time to look.

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