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Juli Adams
I Saw the Face of Hecate
OIL on canvas
30 x 30 in

New Brow

'Hecate was a powerful female figure in ancient mythology who symbolized the 'Queen of the Night' who travelled with "ghosts" and outcasts where she was honored and feared as the protectress of the oppressed and those who lived "on the edge". Hecate's ability to see into the Underworld, the "otherworld" of the sleeping and the dead, made her comfortable and tolerant of those most would shun out of fear or misunderstanding.' -JA

Joseph Campbell describes the characters in mythology as aspects of ourselves moving (or not) through the 'Hero's Journey' toward self-actualization. Hecate represents the fearless female voice of willingly delving into our own darkness to explore, reveal, and integrate our unique and authentic selves.

My paintings are a conversation between my internal life, and the experience of living in the everyday world. They are stories condensed into an image that becomes a window into another world, where my characters are having a kind of parallel life.

My earliest artistic influences were children’s books which are very alive in me today. I also loved cartoons. The Addams Family, Bloom County, and Peanuts. This medium was genius at portraying life in simple lines.

I was drawn to the subtle and the macabre. My work touches on darkness because I believe our darkness, or shadow self, is a valuable resource worth exploration.

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